Alexis "Lexi" Torland

Wannabe space pirate and the daughter of the Pirate King "Overkill" Phil. While still shockingly naive in the ways of space piracy, she is a surprisingly good marksman and has inherited her dad's leadership skills. Unfortunately she also inherited his temper and low sense of humor.


Aris.L (pronounced: air is dot el) is a Class 2 Sentient AI housed in a female robot chassis. Created as a servant bot at the end of the First Empire, she has been mentoring members of the Torland family for over a hundred generations.

Big Goon

Xander Torland

Wannabe scourge of the hyper-lanes and son of the Pirate King "Overkill" Phil. Even though he is only three minutes younger than Lexi, he certainly lives up the wild younger sibling stereotype. His excellent piloting skills are only surpassed by the trouble he creates for himself with his shoot first, think later attitude.